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Viswatma Chetana - The dream of yesterday, The philosophy of today and The reality of tomorrow.

The cut and thrust of swamiji's philosophy is Viswatma chetana. This is a broad and comprehensive term which ultimately corresponds to the ideal of Vedanta and the essence of spirituality. Atmabhava becomes Viswatma Bhava when it expands and spreads. When one feels for oneself, he can feel the same for the entire humankind and the universe as well. Man is the inseparable part of the universe. Drop melts into the sea, like wise man can unite with the existence. Unity with existence is life's real achievement, rest are worldly illusions.

Viswatma chetana is the clarion call of swamiji which is based on humanitarianism and cosmopolitanism. To ignite and awaken Viswatma Bhava, swamiji tours various places all over India and preaches the masses to inculcate this ideal in their hearts and minds which can give the real solace to today's world ,bristling with antagonisms and animosities. Swamiji forgets not repeating : Vasudhaiva kutumbakam (the entire world is an extended family), Manur Bhava (Be a man),Atmo dipo Bhava (Be a light into yourself), Paropkarah punyaya (Doing good to others is the greatest virtue), Krinvantu viswamaryam (make the world great).

About VCP

Founded in the 1985, VISWATMA CHETANA PARISHAD is marching ahead to fulfill its aims and objectives in an unfailing and unflinching manner. It zealously exposes the cause of spirituality, devoting itself for the service of society as a whole irrespective of caste, creed, color, sect and religion .It embraces within its fold every man as a divine being with full potential to realize the self.

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