Swamiji’s invaluable speeches and pravachanas, which are contained in hundreds of cassettes and C.D’s , are now being published as books and booklets by “Ritambhara Prajna Prakashan“, the publication unit of the parishad .These books of swamiji will surely stand as milestone in spiritual literature which will propel the spiritual mind of man to make a better tomorrow based on “ Viswatma Bhava “.

The Ritambhara Prajna Prakashan published Swamijees devine speeches and enlightening pravachan in the form of books as listed below :-


Paramahansa Swami Satyaprajnananda Saraswati
"Ekam Sat Vipraha Bahudha Vadanti"

His Holiness Paramahamsa Swami Sri Satyaprajnananda Saraswati