Viswatma Chetana Parishad

Founded in the 1985,VCP is marching ahead to fulfill its aims and objectives in an unfailing and unflinching manner .It zealously exposes the cause of spirituality ,devoting itself for the service of society as a whole irrespective of caste , creed , color ,sect and religion .It embraces within its fold every man as a divine being with full potential to realize the self .With its branches in many places of Odisha and Chhattisgarh ,it is untiringly striving to create a spiritual brotherhood based on love and respect for one and all.

VCP has mainly the five-fold objectives - Sikshya (Education),Swasthya (Health), Shrama (Labour), Seva (Service),Sadhana (spiritual practices).It is known as FIVE “S”. Swamiji explains it in his inimitable style : “A man should be educated and healthy in its true sense .Then he should work for himself which is ‘Shrama ‘.When he works for others, it is Seva and when the work is devoted to paramatma , it becomes ‘Sadhana’.

Paramahansa Swami Satyaprajnananda Saraswati
"Ekam Sat Vipraha Bahudha Vadanti"

His Holiness Paramahamsa Swami Sri Satyaprajnananda Saraswati